Oklahoma State Fair

3001 General Pershing Boulevard

Oklahoma State Fair, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation that serves the people of Oklahoma and is dedicated to continuing the organization's heritage of education, entertainment and economic development through the operation of State Fair Park and the annual Oklahoma State Fair.


Alejandro Ojeda-Nonzioli

Monday, Sep. 26, 2016

I bought 30 tickets for $25 thinking my kids will have lots of rides. Well, most rides are 6 or 7 tickets so it's about $5+ per very short ride per child. Many other rides only accept cash, the ones my kids wanted to go were $7 per ride per child. As you can see, it is very expensive and I think an entertainment park would be a better deal overall. We did not eat there as the deep fried food did not smell good to us, but prices were also outrageous.

Alpha1 Omega2

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Delivery of the prehistoric Dinosaurs for Jurassic Quest 2017 in April. Come enjoy exhibits from searching for homes in the sand to riding the dinosaur for the little ones.

Anne Paul

Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017

Fine. Nothing was bad. Not much stood out. Enjoyable.

Ashley Benson

Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016

I've been to a lot of fairs in my day. I moved here a year ago and this is the best and biggest fair I've been to. You can even get golden VIP passes to get in the front of the line! The staff is funny too! They have a lot of rides to choose from, tons of food, and arcades!

Gabby Ferguson

Friday, Sep. 23, 2016

This place was so much fun! When work consumes your life, one day at the fair feels like a week vacation. Take advantage of it while you can!